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Aloha Yogis!

Lets move, breathe, sweat and flow together. 
>> Every Wednesday - 6.30 AM - Morning Breath <<
Join our Morning Yoga Flow and enjoy a nourishing healthy Food afterwards. Become a part of our Wagners Juicery Ritual! 

>> We believe that yoga should be without boundaries, therefore this community class will be held in English and will be by loving donations. Bring your own mat.

Safe the date for Saturday Special:
December, Second 2018, 8 am


Holla Yoga


OFFICE classes

I offer Yoga classes for Start-Ups, agencies, companies and teams at their working places. These classes are designed for all levels with the aim to enhance the team dynamics and provide a safe place for the employees to regain mental and physical health.
Establishing a positive mindset at the working place by practicing gratitude, staying present and finding stillness on-and off the mat. Here, yoga helps preventing self-doubt, builds up confidence and reduces team conflicts.



Private yoga classes offer beginners and advanced practitioners the opportunity to develop and deepen their personal yoga practice. All sequences will be designed to your individual needs and wishes. Together we will create an individual, diverse yoga program which you can continue on.

Classes can be hold in German or English language.


Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. 

Albert Einstein


Hola Beautiful, Come and Say Hi!

Whether you have a question about one of my yoga classes or workshops, or are ready to take your yoga practice to the next level with private lessons, I would love to hear from you!

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